Tunisian Ministry of Culture selects ADANI's product

4 October 2017 / security

London UK, October 4, 2017:  ADANI, the specialist security screening developer has been chosen to supply 8 x BV 5030 baggage and parcel screening solutions for the Tunisian Ministry of Culture following a competitive tendering process. The solutions will be used at main tourist attractions and events for screening of bags and personal belongings of visitors and staff. 

The BV 5030 solution scored the highest marks for its user-friendliness, durability and detection capabilities which has resulted in ADANI, working together with Multicom SARL, winning the project.

Leonid Zelenkevich, International Sales and Marketing Director of ADANI Limited said “We have been investing heavily in developing our BV range this year to ensure that the product offers most durability in heavy operational conditions, enhanced user-friendless and bespoke detection rates when screening bags and parcels for effective detection of firearms, explosives, drugs and other prohibited items.

The main focus of ADANI’s R&D team in the recent months has been the development of Automatic Detection Algorithms for the BV screening range as well as increasing detectability accuracy of the offered systems. The new software algorithms are designed to assist operators in identifying suspicious items within bags as well as controlling effectiveness of their work during the screening process. So far, this new software functionality has seen a very positive response from customers and end users worldwide with a significant sales volume increase of the BV range in the last few months.

In the coming time period, we will continue investment in making the BV product line more effective, durable and user friendly as well as widening the model range to ensure that more market sectors and customer groups can benefit from use of the ADANI BV solutions.

The Ministry of Culture project has given us a step into a very important and dynamic market of North Africa. We are very proud to have won this contract with our partners and expect that we will be able to further penetrate the market with our improved solutions in the next months.”

Iyadh Jerbi, Engineering Manager of Multicom SARL said, “The key to winning this contract is a combination of the knowledge Multicom has to the Tunisian end user requirements, effective cooperation with ADANI during the tendering process and not at least a quality product that provides very good results and completely satisfies the end user security screening needs.”


ADANI is recognised as a modern international high-tech company specialized in research and development of proprietary state-of-the-art advanced X-ray imaging technology for medical and security applications. It is known for its system design, agile manufacturing, engineering and customer service. With full professional design and manufacturing capabilities, ADANI can provide customised solutions for individual clients, meeting exact needs and challenges in today’s ever changing environment. ADANI, as a security technology company, offers complex technical solutions that ensure security and has created a range of X-ray inspection systems for personnel screening, baggage, parcel, and cargo and vehicle inspection. ADANI’s patented technology and unique product lines have been created to support checkpoint inspection at border crossings, prisons, customs, and governmental buildings or wherever there is a high security threat or the need for contraband detection. The strategic goal of ADANI is to provide the most advanced imaging products with the best image quality and at the same time safe for the use on members of the general public. The security and inspection systems have long lifetime and high durability which makes customer’s investment worthwhile. The quality of ADANI’s solutions is guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification. Based on that, the company is authorised to apply CE marking to all of its products which demonstrates high quality and the safety of the equipment.

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