The new age of digital x-ray defectoscopy

30 November 2017 / ndt

On November 29, 2017 the successful implementation of the highly innovative product of the ADANI, the X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020, took place at the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Gomel Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification” in Gomel.

The X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 was developed in the X-ray NDT Department and became the next innovative product of ADANI.

Having successfully passed all the preliminary testing and state certification procedures X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 allows testing X-ray protective clothing for individual protection in accordance with IEC 61331-3: 1998. Examples of successfully tested X-ray clothing are shown on the image 1.


Image 1. Examples of checked X-ray clothing (images taken from

Compact and mobile X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 is equipped with folding roller tables and can be quickly moved and installed in any room (image 2).


Image 2. FLOWD 8020

The X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 is safe for operator who works with it. The X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 has the X-ray protection housing, which allows operating the system in rooms, for which don’t need the special radiation safety requirements.

Due to high accuracy and resolution, the X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 can detect even small breaks with a width of less than 1 mm on X-ray protective clothing and highlight the breaks in red color, as it shown on the X-ray image on the image 3.


Image 3. Sample of picture taken by FLOWD 8020

The X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 provides a high-precision image of the thickness of a lead equivalent of any areas of X-ray protective clothing with normal size of an item of 750 x 1300 mm and automatically generate a test report with the required number of X-ray images.

Developed by the specialists of ADANI, the universal software package allows to determine the thickness of the lead equivalent and the heterogeneity of any X-ray protective materials and products (image 4): personal protective equipment, X-ray protective rubber, X-ray protective gypsum board, X-ray protective glass, lead plates, X-ray shields etc.


Image 4. Examples of analyzed materials

The using of the X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 for regular testing of personal X-Ray protective clothing and X-ray protective devices allows you to be sure that people who use it are really protected.

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