Stolen ring was found by X-ray machine

29 September 2015 / security
The last piece of jewelry stolen during a robbery was found after one of the alleged thieves was scanned by an X-ray machine, revealing the missing diamond ring, police in Ohio said.

Macie Young, 61, and Leroy Bridgman, 57, are accused of robbing a jewelry store in Sycamore Township, Ohio, and stealing at least 27 diamond rings. They robbed the store to the tune of more than $86,000 worth of diamond rings. The heist was thwarted after an alarm went off and the duo was stuck on an elevator with 26 diamond rings and tools, including a large screwdriver and a ski mask, police said.

The pair attempted to hide jewels in the elevator panels, but officers found everything except one final ring. There was one ring that was not accounted for. Upon entering jail, inmates are put through an X-ray machine. Police say when Young went through, they spotted the 27th ring in her "midsection." She continued to deny that it was there. But the ring was eventually recovered. "We saw it through the scan," one official told. "We, of course, then explained to her that she must remove that from her body cavity, and she did."

That X-ray machine is used to check prisoners at the local jail to make sure they have not hidden any contraband or weapons in body cavities when entering the facility.

Both Young and Bridgman have been charged with breaking and entering and possessing criminal tools, police said. Young also faced charges for drug possession and drug paraphernalia. 



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