Сatching contraband at the Pima County Jail

1 December 2017 / security

New body scanners are up and running at the Pima County Jail, in an effort to make the jail safer for both inmates and corrections officers. From now on, all inmates who enter and exit the jail facility will make a quick trip through these new scanners.

"It basically takes an x-ray type picture," Joshua Arnold, a captain with the Pima County Sheriff's Department said. "What it does is help us in our detection of contraband."
Contraband could include a variety of things, from narcotics to weapons, according to Arnold.
The Pima County Jail is the first in the state to utilize this kind of technology, according to Sheriff Mark Napier. He believes this will seriously improve safety for everyone at the jail, corrections officers and inmates.

As a corrections officer conducts the exam, they get a detailed, real-time look at the person's body. At that point, they'll note any irregularities. For example, a bag of drugs inside someone's body.

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