CLEARPASS Transmission Body Scanner - Press Release

28 September 2020 / security

CLEARPASS Transmission Body Scanner

Based on over 20 years’ experience in the development of X-ray Transmission Body Scanners ADANI, the world leader in X-ray Transmission Body Scanners, has released the next step forward in Full Body Transmission Screening Systems – The ADANI CLEARPASS.

ClearPass 2020 PR

Transmission Body Scanning Systems can be used to detect contraband (drugs, electronics including mobile phones/SIM cards, weapons, gems etc) on or in people’s bodies whilst fully clothed – something that no other technology can achieve.

CLEARPASS, which was developed in 8 months, offers the following benefits over other systems:

  • The world’s fastest scan time – from 3 seconds per scan

  • Person being scanned remains stationary during the scan

  • Highest throughput of any system available

  •  Full body images with highest penetration in the abdomen region: the most challenging area to image well and the most common location for contraband

  • Use of the proven ADANI CLEARVUE software – assessed by the UK Ministry of Justice as giving images that “surpasses anything else currently on the market

  • Offers the option of using the patented ADANI DruGuard - software that has been developed using AI techniques to provide a high confidence in the identification of drugs hidden in or on the body with minimal Operator input

  • The use of ultra-low adjustable scan doses coupled with scan time in line with ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practical) principles

  • Includes inbuilt radiation screening to minimise the leakage radiation and so achieve the smallest possible Safe Operating Area – fully ANSI N43.17-2009 compliant

  • Can be used in ‘pass-through’ mode (avoids risk of contraband pass-back) options or in ‘single sided’ mode where preferred

  • Provides an ADA compatible portal that allows screening of people in wheelchairs (traditionally a problem area that has allowed wheelchairs to be used for contraband)

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