ADANI's X-ray machine will safeguard security of St Kitts and Nevis

21 September 2015 / security
The BV100100 baggage and cargo scanner was installed at the Long Point Port on September 07, 2015. The installation of the system was aimed at safeguarding the security of entry ports of the country and fighting the contraband and criminal activities.

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) invested over EC$200,000 in the purchase and installation of the ADANI X-ray equipment. According to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Nevis Island - Colin Dore, this system will help to enhance dramatically the border security, so he believes that the effective control of cargo and the detection of threats will cover all the expenses.

ADANI's professionals provided installation, training and all the technical support. ADANI’s Vice President, Operations Scott Ortolani in the interview assured that the X-ray machine would help to accomplish the island’s security goals and overcome its challenges. ADANI for its part will provide all the necessary security service for years to come. 


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