ADANI Launches DTP 6000LVM Mobile Truck and Cargo Screening Solution

6 June 2018 / security

London UK, May 31, 2018:  ADANI, the security screening solutions manufacturer, announced launch of the new advanced mobile x-ray screening system for inspection of trucks and containerised cargo.  The DTP 6000LVM solution has been developed as part of the strategic plan of ADANI to widen and enhance its DTP vehicle and cargo screening product line.

The DTP 6000LVM system is based on 6 MeV high energy linear accelerator for enhanced imaging and top-quality material discrimination capabilities. The system is ready to be integrated into any network or with any data gathering device so that it can function as part of an integrated security solution. Product flexibility is further highlighted by availability of the range of vehicle chassis to be used with the system as well as both left and right-hand driver position options.

Leonid Zelenkevich, International Sales and Marketing Director of ADANI said “The product was created largely through collection of feedback from the market on the use of existing high energy mobile scanners of a similar type. We really wanted to create something fresh which will match individual needs of each and every client instead of offering them a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ product. Flexibility, user-friendliness, engineering simplicity and customisation are all core features of the DTP 6000LVM.”


ADANI is recognised as a modern international high-tech company specialised in research and development of proprietary state-of-the-art advanced X-ray imaging technology for medical and security applications. It is known for its system design, agile manufacturing, engineering and customer service. With full professional design and manufacturing capabilities, ADANI can provide customised solutions for individual clients, meeting exact needs and challenges in today’s ever changing environment. ADANI, as a security technology company, offers complex technical solutions that ensure security and has created a range of X-ray inspection systems for personnel screening, baggage, parcel, and cargo and vehicle inspection. ADANI’s patented technology and unique product lines have been created to support checkpoint inspection at border crossings, prisons, customs, and governmental buildings or wherever there is a high security threat or the need for contraband detection. The strategic goal of ADANI is to provide the most advanced imaging products with the best image quality and at the same time safe for the use on members of the general public. The security and inspection systems have long lifetime and high durability which makes customer’s investment worthwhile. The quality of ADANI’s solutions is guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification. Based on that, the company is authorised to apply CE marking to all of its products which demonstrates high quality and safety of the equipment.

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