ADANI is participating in conference on nuclear technology opens in Da Nang (Vietnam)

6 August 2015 / medical

ADANI is participating in conference in Da Nang.

More than 300 scientists from around the world convened in Da Nang for a scientific conference on nuclear technology that kicked off in the city on August 5.

Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh said Vietnam is always interested in science and technology, and nuclear technology in particular.The country plans to train a pool of experts for the field in order to carry out technology transfers and develop technology in relevant areas such as radiation, radiation safety and nuclear energy, Thanh said.

The three-day conference will also review research results and the application of nuclear technology in Vietnam from 2013-2015 and outline goals for 2015-2017.

As many as 216 reports involving various aspects of nuclear technology will be presented at the conference, including many new research studies.

ADANI at the conference in Vietnam

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