ADANI CONPASS at Casablanca airport

1 February 2016 / security

ADANI has reported a radical decrease in attempts to smuggle ingested narcotics through Casablanca airport into Europe after installation of the CONPASS full body screening system for selective screening of transit passengers travelling to Europe.

The CONPASS full body screening system was procured by the Moroccan Police in late 2014 to tackle the issue of drug trafficking through Casablanca airport by detecting drug mules who attempt to smuggle ingested narcotics into Europe from the producing countries in South America and Africa.

The ADANI system offers a higher level of security than other body scanners as it identifies the threats and contraband inside, as well as on the body. It is also an instant, safe and efficient solution.

With nearly 500 systems sold to date, the CONPASS system is used by leading government agencies, border authorities, law enforcement, military organisations, and security agencies in over 35 countries worldwide.

ADANI CONPASS at Casablanca
Originally from Aviation Security Magazine

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