Quality Management

The quality management system (QMS), that corresponds to the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 standards and the Directive 93/42/ЕЕС, was introduced in 2002 and has since been continually developed and improved.

QMS compliance with the applicable requirements is managed and annually applied, with certificates of compliance granted by SGS United Kingdom Ltd., an international notified body.

ADANI Sertificate Directive 93 42 EEC.jpg               ADANI Sertificate ISO-9001_2015            
ADANI Sertificate-ISO-13485_2016

The CE mark on our products verifies their conformity with European Union safety rules.

The QMS, while using the principle of continuous improvement and advancement, demonstrates the capability of the enterprise to manufacture high quality, safe products which comply with the requirements of the consumers as well as with the highest worldwide standards and regulatory requirements applicable to the devices.

The policy in the field of quality reflects the general intent and enterprise activity directions and is firmly connected to corporate Brand Landscape.


ADANI considers product quality control to be an integral part of the product manufacturing process.

The quality control covers the whole sphere, from design and development to material and components procurement to the installation and further technical support of the products.

In order to maintain the high level and consistency of product quality one has come to expect from ADANI, we implement the most up-to-date control and measurement processes and verification methods, as well as enlist the service of a highly qualified staff.

Anticipating and addressing quality issues before they arise and using proven effective methods which ensure that all actions undertaken are positive means that the quality control guarantees the fulfillment of the specified requirements of our products as follows:

  • Material and component quality input control

  • Manufacturing in-process control

  • Systematic inspection of the equipment/machine’s condition, monitoring and measurement of equipment and devices, as well as the manufacturing environment and product transportation, process discipline observation, and other inspections

  • Ultimate product control

  • Control results recording

ADANI focuses on anticipating and handling the possible non-conformities and improvement proposals, facing the challenges proactively.

We owe our success and quality commitment to personnel engagement in the process of quality management and product quality improvement, cooperation between ADANI departments and the team spirit.



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