Vision of the Founder

Vladimir Linev

By the year 2020 ADANI Corporation will have become one of the top world-class hi-tech corporations – the leaders in design and penetration of breakthrough innovations that challenges hi-tech medical X-ray facilities and non-destructive testing while safeguarding market segment.

For over 20 years ADANI has been fully engaged in the research, development and production of science-driven hi-tech facilities for diagnostic radiology, X-ray security screening, X-ray non-destructive testing and EPR spectroscopy.

The accumulated scientific potential and production capabilities, as well as fruitful projects realized throughout the world, allow us to set truly challenging strategic objectives.

This efficiently run company aims to grow into a successfully growing international hi-tech corporation over the next five years.

By 2020 ADANI aims to be known throughout the world as an innovative R&D and manufacturing corporation that generates the breakthrough and empowerment of concepts in sophisticated hi-tech X-ray equipment in the X-ray technology arena.

Vladimir Linev
Owner & CEO, ADANI


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