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The LINEV Group is a unique platform supporting innovation that enables employees around the world to use unlimited resources, processes, and technologies to create innovative high-tech solutions in the shortest possible time with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

The LINEV Group is a self-organizing, self-developing innovation ecosystem - a corporation for a new era of innovation and digital technology that delivers the benefits of high technology to business, consumers, and society.

The LINEV Group has 30 years of experience in creating disruptive innovations in various spheres of human life. 

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While always important, the recent pandemic and its destructive impact on the world economy, have highlighted their true value.

Companies belonging to the Linev Group encourage their employees to realize their full potential and become leaders in developing innovative high-tech solutions around the world.

The LINEV Group of companies focuses on the improvement of health, an increase in the quality of life, and the level of safety.

LINEV Group is the organizational structure for the entire innovation ecosystem and consists of the following legal entities:

  • LINEV Group Ltd. (UK, London)
  • ADANI Limited (UK, Kent)
  • ADANI Systems, Inc. (USA, Conroe)
  • ADANI RUS, CJSC (Russia, St. Petersburg)
  • LINEV ADANI CJSC (Belarus, Minsk)
  • LINEV Center for Research & Innovation (Belarus, Minsk)
  • LINEV Systems Trading (UAE)
  • Shenzhen ADANI Systems Limited (China, Shenzhen)

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Any innovation project launched within the group aims to solve customer problems, and value is created in close collaboration with the customer. We don't think about what new features or benefits our products can offer the client, we figure out what job the client is trying to accomplish, and with the help of innovation, then quickly create a solution that helps them to achieve that.

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