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We live in a golden age of high technologies and innovations, in an era when digital technologies, computer vision and artificial intelligence are changing the foundations of human existence, allowing the implementation of many, at first glance, impossible ideas.

A potential client that contacts us, first works with us to formulate the problem and, together, we’ll then identify the ways to solve it.

Constructive feedback from customers allows us to offer unique solutions and create or improve products faster than competitors. By creating technologically unique products, LINEV Group involves clients, current and future, as well as partners from around the world in the process of research, development, and production.


Professor Linev relies on motivated professionals, self-directed multidisciplinary teams with strong leaders and provides them with unique opportunities for self-realization, professional development and career progression.

Employees are well aware of the high importance and social impact of the company's business – focus is on solving crucial problems and changing the world, not just on making money.

Customer-focused high-tech innovations create significant competitive advantages and often change the market environment and create new niches.


Health is the main value of human life. Caring for human life and health implies is always the first priority in the search for fundamentally technological solutions in the field of medical X-ray diagnostics and the development, organization, and production of high-quality modern medical X-ray equipment.

Ensuring security implies protecting the vital interests of the individual, society, and state from potential criminal threats, smuggling, and terrorism.


Non-destructive quality control of products, industrial products, and other objects, based on the digital visualization of penetrating X-ray radiation, allows manufacturers to efficiently ensure the highest safety and quality standards while preserving the environment.

About > How Do We Work


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