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It lies in leadership through consumer-oriented innovations of an international standard owing to the Corporation’s eight core principles:

  1. Consumer-oriented innovations with proactive consumer demand understanding;
  2. Integrated marketing based on consumer orientation and product orientation simultaneity;
  3. Active interaction with positive-feedback consumers;
  4. Unique agile product design pattern focused on multiple breakthrough and challenging innovations accompanied by prompt design and manufacture of pilot samples;
  5. Full-service, flexible high-tech manufacturing with flexible infrastructure;
  6. Quality control system within each phase of the product life cycle;
  7. Highly experienced, successful and enthusiastic staff;
  8. Optimized organizational framework and innovative procedural business management model.

In keeping with the ADANI strategy, the term “leadership” enables technological supremacy over the other manufacturers in the sphere of design, production and promotion of hi-tech X-ray equipment intended to improve the quality of life.

Quality of life for us stands for the complete necessary needs of our consumers: security, wellness, quality of the goods being consumed and services being rendered.
Sales income makes up a significant share of the leading companies’ revenue mix; however technological innovations alone do not guarantee prosperity.

Groundbreaking and challenging hi-tech innovations and know-how enable both the creation of novel competitive strengths and a change in the rules of the game in the market to reposition the whole competitive playing field, thus creating new marketplaces.

The customer does not need the product itself – he needs the “total solution” to his problems. By generating breakthrough innovations ADANI, above all, aims to satisfy the customer’s requirements by understanding, anticipating and offering a complete solution to fulfil the customer need even before the customer himself is aware of it.

Positive feedback from customers allows for product improvement ahead of our competitors. Creating technically unique products ADANI engages the customers, present and future consumers, and business partners acting as some key components manufacturers, by incorporating their feedback into the design and production process, where appropriate.

With a focus on groundbreaking and challenging technology, ADANI builds a unique, flexible R&D system, based on the proprietary technology of project development and management, an experienced team of encouraged designers, as well as a proprietary innovative knowledge management system.

ADANI has developed a proprietary, hi-tech full-service manufacturing system to keep ahead of the deadlines of our customers. The manufacturing system is based on high flexibility and a unique innovative management system.

The high complexity of the development, production and operation of ADANI X-ray equipment, along with the leadership strategy, requires an effective QMS within each phase of the product life cycle, especially on the boundaries where different processes and sciences meet.

ADANI strives for implementing its strategy and to this end gives particular emphasis to the creation of a strong, highly-skilled team, engaging the best experts and offering each member of the Corporation an unrivalled opportunity for personal fulfillment, self-perfection and welfare.

Our futureproof business management model has a foundation that comprises strategic business units, a productive management company and an idiosyncratic procedural model, as well as a result-oriented motivation system.


To create an unrivalled business environment that induces synergy in innovative marketing in a generation of breakthrough challenging innovations, and in the effective R&D manufacture of idiosyncratic hi-tech X-ray equipment, which ensures security, protection of life and health, accompanied with attractive QPR.

Good health is the core of human life and care for human life and good health manifests itself in the Corporation’s commitment to developing trailblazing technology and technical solutions for medical X-ray diagnostics and the manufacture of high quality innovative medical X-ray equipment.

ADANI-manufactured digital X-ray facilities are designed for screening programs and allow for the early detection of cancer and non-cancer diseases. Multifunctional vehicle-based X-ray screening mobile units bring the present digital technology to the most remote locations.

To provide security means to defend the vital interests of people, society and the state from any potential and existing terroristic threats.

ADANI security systems comprise a unique family of X-ray body, baggage, cargo and transport facilities screening systems, which contribute to the prevention of illegal actions and terrorism and thus to the elimination of threats posed on life, health, property and state security.

Food quality and product safety constitute a global issue that could adversely affect health, security and life quality.

ADANI is committed to promoting the high standards of foods and products required by these industries, and to this end develops hi-tech non-destructive X-ray testing solutions which are applied in a variety of production fields.

ADANI Corporation holds the dominant position in the world market of compact automated analytical instruments manufacture, such as EPR and gamma spectrometers and X-ray diffraction meters for applied use, including in the area of product quality control.

ADANI strives for maximal utility and continuously researches for breakthrough and challenging innovations, bearing in mind the fact that this would be impossible without employing the best team of highly experienced, creative and enthusiastic engineers, marketing specialists, economists and managers.

Aside from this, we are aware of the direct effect that the workmanship environment has on the eventual outcome and therefore aim to accommodate the best possible research, design and manufacturing working conditions, ensuring a healthy and secure society.

Such working conditions result from synergy of several factors:

  • Applied prospective objectives which challenge society and require innovative solutions
  • Comfortable working conditions within a creative environment, ample remuneration depending on the result, individual growth strategy
  • Intrinsic training system which allows both training and teaching;
  • Availability of in-house high-tech production infrastructure
  • Opportunity to interact with the customers, users and production business partners from a variety of countries


  1. Mankind: life, health and security.
  2. Partnership: with customers, suppliers, dealers, distributors and the R&D society, based on long-term cooperation with mutual advantage.
  3. Highly experienced and enthusiastic ADANI specialists and managers.
  4. Thinking outside the box, competence and a systematic, pragmatic and effective approach.
  5. International goodwill as an innovative business partner.

All the owners, managers and specialists’ decisions are always governed, first and foremost, by the present values of the company.

ADANI is about to increase spending for the design and manufacture of new products should the good health and security of mankind benefit from such products.

Industrial safety at ADANI also contributes to the incredibly important values of life, good health and security.

The ADANI partnership value manifests itself in faultless commitment performance to our customers, users, distributors, suppliers and contractors.

At the core of all management decisions is a long-term partnership that will not be dismissed at the opportunity of short-term advantage.

Long-term partnership is based upon mutual benefit: a working relationship with a one-sided advantage fails to be a success.

All commitments made with regard to the staff and HR policy are to be made in favor of the most experienced and enthusiastic employees.

ADANI aims to utilize its innovative, comprehensive approach which satisfies each and every business scenario, allowing the company to proactively address the customer needs.

Commitment to results rather than process comprises part of the ADANI values.

As a global, forward-thinking corporation ADANI is free from geographical limitations in terms of buying, selling or cooperation and, therefore, possesses an impeccable reputation; such that the Corporation will continue to uphold by keeping the ADANI values and principles at its core.


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