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The LINEV brand – responding to tough challenges and going from ideas to solutions that create value for customers and society.

Vladimir LINEV, a physicist, Doctor of Engineering, and professor of nuclear physics, was born in the Soviet Union and lived in the socialist state where entrepreneurship was prohibited. It was at the Belarusian State University in Minsk, where he studied and became a physicist and later headed a research laboratory, that he began to create unique nuclear physics devices, putting his research into tangible innovations.

When he founded his company, ADANI, in 1991, Professor LINEV never thought about money. Business became an opportunity for him to fulfill himself as a scientist and inventor who wanted to make a difference with the help of his inventions and innovations.

Professor LINEV relies on innovation in everything. This includes his unique business model of a smart self-developing innovation ecosystem – the "innovation conveyor", as well as the creation of unique high-tech products, flexible and fast processes for research, development, prototyping and production, and even integrated marketing, where a product and a market are created at the same time.

The core of the LINEV brand is to exceed the expectations of customers and society with disruptive solutions to the most urgent problems faced by mankind today.

About > LINEV Brand


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