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Mr LinevLINEV ADANI, founded in 1991, by Mr. Vladimir Linev is an innovative, high-tech global enterprise that leads security, health care and scientific industry.

The unique alloy of insight and knowledge of nuclear physics professor, inventor, the author of 135 patents, Vladimir Linev, allows him to dissect and analyze an almost wondrous cybernetic business model of Anthony Stafford Beer in order to present to the world the research and development innovation matrix that he defines “Smart Innovation Machine”.

Mr. Linev’s intellect of a scientific inventor and his creative innovative ideas, implemented in unique technical solutions, were an excellent well received response delivered in a timely fashion to meet global challenges of the twenty-first century; from man-made nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima, to the maniacal and radical notions of terrorists and criminals like 9/11, contraband hidden in clothing and the human body, as well as school shootings.  If it seemed previously that Vladimir was inspired by fiction movies, it was now the other way around.

> Company | The Innovations Spirit > Disruptive Innovations Brand LINEV ADANI Smart Innovation Machine

ADANI Innovations R&D Center
Deep Scientific Research
Highly motivated development team
X-ray Inspection Systems Manufacturing
Development of AI Software for X-ray Security Systems
Medical X-ray Imaging Systems Manufacturing
Customer-focused products
Constant Quality Control
More than 60 patents as a scientific background
Constant education
Lectures for future generation specialists


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