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As a nuclear physics professor, inventor and author of 135 patents, Vladimir Linev has a unique alloy of insight and knowledge that has allowed him to dissect the wondrous cybernetic systems model of Stafford Beer.  In doing so, Mr. Linev was able to develop his own high-tech business model of a “Smart Innovation Machine” for the creation of high-tech products, flexible and rapid processes of research and development.  This synergy allowed prototyping and production in integrated marketing to happen simultaneously.

Vladimir Linev is personally vested in motivated professionals.  He prides himself in working with self-managing multifunctional teams and strong leaders, and provides them with opportunities for self-realization, growth and income potential.

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Mr. Linev’s personnel clearly understand the profound significance and social responsibility of business-based, world-changing problem solving for their customers.

High technology innovations and focusing on customer needs allows sufficient competitive advantages by changing the rules of the game in the business market.  This focus makes opportunities for divergent leverage in the competitive environment and creates new market niches.

Direct feedback from customers allows LINEV ADANI to create new products in 6-9 months. Mr. Linev’s company LINEV ADANI leverages input from new and existing customers, clients, partners, suppliers in the process of product design and manufacturing.

The quality of a person’s health is one of the most precious values of life.  The creation of technology that allows early disease diagnosis is the responsibility of the research and development industry, encompassing the sphere of X-ray diagnostics and the development and manufacturing quality equipment.

Incorporating elements of medical X-ray the security division of LINEV ADANI supports security professionals globally with industry leading threat contraband and counter terrorism solutions.

> Company | The Innovations Spirit > Disruptive Innovations Brand LINEV ADANI Smart Innovation Machine


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