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The impact of Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster of 1986, was unprecedented in human history.  The nuclear accident in Fukushima following an earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011, only confirmed that providing radiation safety was necessary for all societies.

Vladimir Linev  

After the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents, it became vital, that precise and expedient  methods, standards and equipment must be developed for routine detection of artificial radionuclides in drinking water and food supplies. Mr. Linev offers many disruptive innovation solutions for limiting radiological exposure doses, decreasing the consequences of radiation incidents.

1991-1998 – A need arose for radiation detection in food and water supplies, and Mr. Linev was equal to the task.  He not only provided his own funding, but he very quickly provided market with an automated Radionuclide Food Monitor (RUG91) for detecting and measuring specific activity of cesium-137, radium-226, thorium-232 and potassium-40.  RUG91’s were installed in more than 5,000 laboratories and became part of the state system of food radiation safety controls in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

ADANI RUG spectrometer

1998-2018 – With his current technologies in place, unique medical  X-ray equipment successfully mitigated key issues in healthcare, resulting in improved health for many and the saved the lives of millions of the Byelorussian people.

Vladimir Linev offers disruptive innovation solutions for digital of Х-ray imaging and has created a product line of low-dose digital X-ray systems for chest and breast screening as well as general radiography. The design is based on the patented scanning technology. In Belarus, where the total population is 9.6 million, there are about 500 clinics with medical X-ray equipment that have led to the development of governmental programs that allow early detection of tuberculosis and breast cancer.  A single and efficient network of digital X-ray diagnostics for tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases is available to  the entire population of the Republic, and this fact is a great sense of pride for Mr. Linev.


In 1999, Vladimir Linev became the pioneer in the invention  of an X-ray body scanner, CONPASS, for the purposes of security and crime prevention. More than 1,000 scanners are operating in 65 countries worldwide already.


1999-2015 – X-ray interdiction and detection equipment was installed in gold and diamond mines in Africa to deter the theft of diamonds and precious metals.   For example, according to estimates by the security service of the Catoca diamond mine in Angola, where CONPASS No. 1 was installed, it is possible to prevent the theft of diamonds by at least US$ 2 million annually.

ADANI BV5030CA X-ray

2002-2018 – Transmitting X-ray body scanners were installed in airports in many countries for the effective prevention of drug trafficking through drug mules. According to the customs services of some airports, numerous of attempts to smuggle drugs via the stomach are prevented every month.


2013-2018 – Prison crime prevention.  Cell phones are equal to, or even more dangerous than, a weapon in a prison.  Hundreds of X-ray body scanners have been installed in United States prisons; these scanners are capable of detecting not only cell phones, but drugs and weapons hidden in clothes and body cavities.


Vladimir’s business has permanent presence in Belarus, The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Russia and China, and operates in more than 85 countries worldwide. This business is socially oriented and focuses on solutions for global problems – protection of life, health, safety and security.

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