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“From Ideas to Solutions” is ADANI’s slogan which represents Mr. Linev’s concept of creating solutions to meet customer goals.

In 2018 Vladimir’s innovations in machine vision and AI  were acknowledged by CIO Application Magazine by naming his business as TOP-10 MV and AI companies.

ADANI CIO Applications

Vladimir has set a goal for himself to create an effective solution to the growing issue of school shooting.  To do this, he initiated the development of an X-ray inspection scanner named "School Bodyguard", based on Artificial Intelligence.  The scanners will automatically lock school bags if weapons are found in them, and Vladimir is confident that they will find  successful applications world-wide.

Vladimir’s business is a core group of international high-tech companies, whose synergy of innovation is based on market needs, result industry leading technology.  Within the frames of EU science and innovation programs “Horizon 2020” an international consortium of 11 teams from Belarus, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Norway, Romania implementing in 2016-2019 EUR 5M project on developing Multi-Energy High Resolution Modular Scan System for Internal and External Concealed Commodities being entirely independent of human operator interpretation and training and based on two complementary technologies: ultra-low-dose Multispectral X-Ray transmission and Infrasonic interrogation.

> Company The Innovations Spirit > Disruptive Innovations Brand ADANI Smart Innovation Machine

ADANI Innovations R&D Center
Deep Scientific Research
Highly motivated development team
X-ray Inspection Systems Manufacturing
Development of AI Software for X-ray Security Systems
Medical X-ray Imaging Systems Manufacturing
Customer-focused products
Constant Quality Control
More than 60 patents as a scientific background
Constant education
Lectures for future generation specialists


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