Innovate the Future: Health, Safety and Security Solutions Disruptive innovation is the most powerful tool we have. Together with our customers, we strive to understand their challenges and offer them future-oriented solutions.
EPR Spectrometer
and Powder
X-ray Diffractometer
Our innovation story is a conveyor of disruptive innovations that are changing their markets and the world itself. The benchtop EPR spectrometer has been the leader in its niche and the hallmark of the our brand for over 30 years.
AI and ML Driven
Medical X-ray Imaging Techniques
AI and ML are helping radiologists improve the efficiency and diagnostic capabilities of X-ray equipment, as they have the potential to analyze vast amounts of image data in seconds.
Machine-Learning-Based Detection Techniques
for NDT
Customer-focused innovative NDT technologies driven by ML take away the tedious and taxing part of the inspector’s work and lets him/her focus on the core inspection tasks.
The Future
of Security Screening
is Here
The tasks of securing people and critical infrastructure are constantly changing. We are able to provide unique technologies based on AI and ML that meet the global challenges of the 21st century.
Superficial Radiotherapy
Treatment of the Future
The benefits of a non-invasive treatment alternative for non-melanoma skin cancer are impressive.
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