ADANI will be a participant of ISNR

27 February 2018 / security

The event of choice for governments, solution providers and specialists in Homeland Security and Resilience returns. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to conduct business across critical infrastructure protection, border control policing and counterterrorism, crime and offender management and forensics, safety and security at major events and crowded places.

At booth #4200 we will cooperate with our partners from Eye on technology to demonstrate our progressive X-ray security screening solutions including the AI boosted people X-ray inspection system CONPASS SMART.

To get more information about our people, baggage and cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection systems please contact our team at ISNR.

ADANI X-ray Security Brochure (English)

ADANI ISNR 2018 invitation

The exhibition organizer webpage

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