In our commitment to ADANI product ongoing service support availability and its efficiency we offer education and training courses for the following groups:


Target audience: operators (X-ray laboratory assistants), radiologists. This course includes classroom and hands-on training on the product operation.


Target audience: sales managers. This course includes basic theory of product operation and features, product advantages and peculiarities.


Target audience: technical service experts. This course includes in-depth training on product installation, set-up, maintenance and repair.

The training constitutes hands-on learning and may be held in the field. Experienced trainers share their vast knowledge in particular spheres with the students. Education and training sessions comprise classroom and hands-on learning essential for successful operation of the product. Modern classrooms, equipped with the innovative equipment for study material display, are at our disposal to provide comfort and effective learning.

Hands-on training utilizes realistic products assembled at ADANI premises or at the customer premises (subject to approval).

Organizing groups up to 10 students, we create opportunity for all participants to maximize learning effectiveness and help them to express themselves. Training session ends up with the examination in the mastered knowledge and with a certificate handing. We strive to continually improve the learning process, and rely on the survey results among the students. Also we provide our customers with reliable ongoing support for the whole life of the systems we produce.


ADANI Training and Education