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ADANI was founded in 1991 by Vladimir Linev, PhD, a full professor and specialist in applied nuclear physics. As a scientist, inventor and author of over 150 patents, Vladimir Linev is a cutting-edge engineer and entrepreneur and focuses ADANI on innovation, effective R&D and agile manufacturing.

The name company was originated from Advanced Analytical Instruments – the first business area ADANI entered.

ADANI is a highly innovative science-based industrial enterprise where innovations and technologies are converted into unique technical solutions and world-class products. For over 20 years, ADANI has been involved in the research, development and manufacturing of hi-tech, science-based equipment for medical radiology, X-ray security screening, non-destructive testing, radiation control and ESR spectrometry.

Business areas:


ADANI offers new and unique solutions for the intensively developing market of the digital radiography and X-ray screening. The patented scanning technology of the receiving of digital X-ray images forms the basis for the design of the majority of ADANI’s systems. This technology provides access to the most modern achievements and most effective results in this field, for a wide range of users.


ADANI offers a unique model range of systems for body screening, baggage inspection, cargo and vehicles inspection. In 1998 ADANI patented in many countries and implemented the micro-dose X-ray projection technology of full-body screening. Today the CONPASS full-body personal X-ray inspection system has proved its high efficiency against crime and terrorism in many countries and has become a standard security device in several spheres of life.


ADANI offers a unique automatically controlled compact Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectrometer to serve various scientific and practical purposes, as well as compact gamma analyzers for the examination of food and building materials.


Whether in the automotive, electronics or aircraft industry or for ship and vessel construction, ADANI is offering industrial X-ray inspection systems for nondestructive material testing which can fit in any manufacturing process and guarantee highest quality and safety standards for industrial products.


With over 23 000 square feet of design and manufacturing space and with a team of scientists, highly trained mechanical and electrical engineers, software programmers, machinists, fabricators and technicians ADANI meets the needs of its customers from initial design discussions to manufacturing, installation and service. 

  • Development of complicated precision mechanical devices

  • Development of analogous and digital electronics

  • Development of the software for receiving, processing and analysis of X-ray images

  • Development of microprocessor electronics and microprocessor software

  • Development of microwave equipment

  • Nondestructive Testing technology

  • Experimental physics

  • Radiation physics

ADANI company

ADANI receives over 50 patents worldwide, illustrating that innovations are at the core of the company's activity – the history of the company is actually the history of innovations.


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